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Collector Information

What every M1911 Collector Needs

For the collector, we provide detailed information and quality images for roughly (700) collectible items in the Gallery. Every handgun shows, at a minimum, left and right side 1024 x 768 images. Boxed examples, rigs, anomalies and other specific variations will usually include additional images.

Featured handguns highlight specific characteristics and variations, and have numerous images included with their description. Items within the Gallery are systematically selected as Featured Handguns to promote learning and interest. Through this site, we seek to equip collectors with the most accurate and useful information available.

Clawson 3rd Edition Collector's Guide to Colt .45 Service PistolsWe recommend Charles W. Clawson’s most recent Collector’s Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911A1 3rd Edition (2003, 2004). This highly acclaimed work is essential to collect military M1911 and M1911A1 pistols. Other quality resources by Clawson, Pate, Brunner, Meadows and others are sometimes offered. Check with me for availability.

M1911, M1911A1, Government Models Photo CDWe recommend a CD, prepared by Karl Karash, which compliments the Clawson books very well by providing high quality, color digital images of both military M1911, M1911A1 and commercial Government Model pistols. Please Contact me for purchase details.

We provide various specific M1911 Solutions for those wishing to buy or sell, including a Wish List, Online Opinions, Gun Show Inspections, Buyer/Seller Inspections and Collector Grade M1911 & M1911A1 Descriptions.

We offer Informational Workshops and Consulting, research for your specific pistols and a Classifieds section designed to be a safe venue for all...regardless of experience or level of expertise.

With advance notice, I can provide Opinions and Descriptions for items I personally inspect at gun shows or auction previews. If you have a need and don't see a Solution listed, please feel free to Contact me.

I highly recommend the following works by Charles W. Clawson for information on the M1911, M1911A1 and Colt Government Model Pistols 1912-1970: Colt .45 Service Pistols (1991 and 1993), Collector’s Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911A1 3rd Edition (2003, 2004) and Colt .45 Government Models (2005).

Additionally, I recommend Charles W. Pate's U.S. Handguns of World War II (1998, 1999), John W. Brunner's The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols II (2009) and Edward Scott Meadow's U.S. Military Holsters and Pistol Cartridge Boxes. There are certainly other quality resources available, but these works represent what I consider to be the bare essentials for any collector of USGI handguns and accoutrements.

This site, or any information provided on it, does not serve as a substitution for due diligence. Anyone considering to collect these pistols should first acquire the appropriate reference materials, seek help from a qualified individual (I make myself available for that very purpose) and verify information before purchasing or selling. Please see the Terms of Use for further details.

To see roughly 700 examples of handguns with serial number-specific information, please Subscribe and visit the Gallery. There, you will see examples of about 500 M1911 and M1911A1 pistols that include every year and manufacture. Also shown are numerous examples of other USGI handguns, Colt Government Model pistols and handgun rigs captured by U.S. troops. There are (16) Categories in the Gallery and a search engine with (11) different search fields to quickly filter your search requests.

For additional information, please Contact me. I can provide accurate information about any of the various types of handguns shown on this site. For some pistols I can provide specific use information and/or provide copies of original documentation.