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Our Mission

Our Mission


Our Mission is:

1) To present accurate information and quality images on this site in the Gallery to promote learning.

2) To provide valuable and necessary services as Solutions for our Subscribers, which include a) consultation, b) qualified opinions and c) physical inspections of collectible handguns to provide accurate detailed data sheets, written descriptions and high resolution digital photographs.

3) Enable those we serve to identify misrepresentations and make informed purchase decisions.

4) Promote the preservation of historically significant firearms and

5) Enable Subscribers to achieve collecting goals Wish List.

Our Mission includes: 

A) Promoting essential study with the appropriate reading materials,

B) Presenting educational displays at gun shows,

C) Identifying and developing collectors who will preserve the integrity and original status of historically significant firearms and serve as proper examples for future generations and collectors.

When Charles W. Clawson released his first book in 1991, collecting USGI .45 pistols was forever changed. Guidelines and benchmarks were established which allowed an individual to identify and classify M1911 and M1911A1 pistols with historically accurate information, based on thorough research and thousands of observations. Mr. Clawson regularly updated his Collector Guides and sought to provide the most credible information available.

With collector interest continuing to rise comes many who would detract from the hobby through fakery and misrepresentation. The ratio of Supply & Demand dictates a market rich with sellers and offerings. However, the vast majority of pistols offered for sale today are not truly collectible by standards of originality and condition.

To survive in this market, the collector must arm himself with every available resource. Known original examples of firearms, for the sake of comparision, are a prerequisite to learning. Since 1991, collectors have been able to aggressively compete with accurate information to acquire the best quality original pistols. Those regarded as most successful have relied on networking, coupled with the guidance and assistance of others with more knowledge, experience and contacts. Learning is a continual process... and experience cannot be taught. Acquiring help from others with more experience is essential to achieving goals within any collecting field.

Through this site we strive to contribute in a positive manner. I sincerely thank those who share the same goals.

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